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Birthday Bling

I’ve finally turned the big 25, and so far there is no quarter life crisis. Life’s been good, and there have been many changes. I moved to a new house and have been ecstatic with my stay there. My walk home from work and to work are a little longer, but I like the exercise. ( I’ll post pics of my new house soon!)

On my birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake, and I had gotten so many well wishes from everyone- family and friends. Nice to feel loved. My phone ran out of batteries because of the many alerts, but it survived after a little charging. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday, but one of my friends bought me a drink at a bar. I left after one drink, and instead opted to go home, read a book and eat a slice of cake by myself way past bedtime. I thought that was living on the wild side- eating carbs right before bed! I’m feeling old!


I wore the gold pearl necklace my mom had sent by Kaye Gems. She designed it herself. I also wore earrings and a ring from Kaye Gems. I love the uniqueness of all the jewelry. The ring has a leaf shape curve to it, and my earrings remind me of earrings from traditional old times. What do you think? I have to thank my friend/colleague Donald ( who is also in the pictures ) for the photos. He took pictures of the jewelry for me on my birthday. lol




Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

I went to a family party this past Sunday in New Jersey. It was so great to see my relatives. I wore a pearl necklace and a matching pearl bracelet. I usually never wear bracelets because it is so difficult to get on, but on this occassion, I wore it and loved it. My mom wore a mandarin garnet ( orange gem) necklace as well as mandarin garnet earrings. She even matched it to her clothing. I thought she looked really cute. All of the jewelry was designed by my mom, and hopefully I will be designing some of my own soon!

Hope you like them! You can go to www.kayegems.com and take a look at some.