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Nude/ Beige Suspender Dress

Posted in Events, fashion, style, Work Chic, Work Clothing by kayemlin on September 3, 2010

My friend, Michael has officially retired from his job. He’s only 27. Maybe I wouldn’t call it retiring, but he will be going back to school full time and will no longer be collaborating or working with me anymore. Mike held a little get together for his going away at a pub in DC, called ” The Big Hunt” after work. I got out of work at 8:30 pm yesterday and rushed over to his fiesta, to say my ” Good bye”. 😦

For the occasion, I wore a nude/beige suspender dress, a white top underneath and a beige short sweater to top it off. ( It gets so cold in the office, that I always need to wear something on top to keep me warm).  My outfit matched my shoes- the ones that I had recently gotten from Bakers. I was walking in them for about 9 hours that I had taken them off right before my friend, Donald from the Master Control Room took these pictures. Thanks again Donald for being such a great photographer and for taking the photos. 🙂

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Classy means Confidence in your Clothing and Style

Posted in Earrings, Events, Pendant, Set- Earrings, Set: Pendant, special occassions by kayemlin on July 12, 2010

Note to Reader: I’m sorry I keep posting up old pictures, but I realized that I have so many old pictures from my computer, and it is so relevant to the fashion that I wanted to discuss in the blog.

When we think about high fashion, we picture great balls, high society- elegant dining and classy people. Well, I think ” high fashion” is just an image that every girl has to create for herself. Fashion doesn’t mean labels ; it only matters how comfortable you are in your dress, your jewelry and with your date. ( Company does matter when you go to events, which is why I always prefer to take a friend. You’re bound to have a good time.)

I look back at the Senior Ball I had gone to my Senior year in College and realized just how great of a time I had. ( 2 years ago) I wore a long golden gown from Bloomingdale’s and an Amethyst set of earrings, necklace and ring from KayeGems. I don’t remember the shoes. My friend, Evelyn had on a beautiful dress from French Connection.

We both wore very different styles to the ” Senior Ball”, and I think Evelyn and I both looked like ourselves and both showed off our style well. 😉

Head Bands- Secret to Getting Out of Speeding Tickets?

Posted in Blair Waldorf, Uncategorized by kayemlin on July 9, 2010

Head bands and bows just make everything cuter and sweeter. I went to a court hearing the other day for my speeding ticket, and I put on a head band to make me look a little more ” believable” and sweet. If you’re a true Gossip Girl fan, you will know that Blair Waldorf is known for her amazing fashion and infamous for wearing headbands. She wears it as if she’s wearing a tiara on her head. It is her signature trademark. Blair gets away with murder, and I think the secret to her success is her attire. Blair always dresses appropriately and refined, and no one would dare think that such a classy lady can be so vengeful… or in my case, can get a speeding ticket.  🙂

Although, I didn’t get my speeding ticket taken away, the judge did however hear my plea. I told him that I felt victimized, and he gave me this half look stare of awe. I think he somewhat believed me, but I still had to pay the fine. :/