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Colorful Stones

For my birthday, I went out with some of my closest friends from DC. We had a great time- and I spent the night dancing away. I wore 2 necklaces that my mom had sent me for my birthday – all made up of semiprecious stones- amethyst, citrine, peri-dot, blue topaz and pink topaz. It was on a 28 k yello gold chain. I wore a white short Cinderella- puffy dress, and I thought the dress complemented my jewelry well. I am really loving semi precious stones, and the necklaces are definitely 2 of my favorites from Kaye Gems.

Do you have any favorite jewelry? Do you find it difficult to match your jewelry to your outfits? Please share! I’d love to see and hear what you wear on special occasions.







Birthday Bling

I’ve finally turned the big 25, and so far there is no quarter life crisis. Life’s been good, and there have been many changes. I moved to a new house and have been ecstatic with my stay there. My walk home from work and to work are a little longer, but I like the exercise. ( I’ll post pics of my new house soon!)

On my birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake, and I had gotten so many well wishes from everyone- family and friends. Nice to feel loved. My phone ran out of batteries because of the many alerts, but it survived after a little charging. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday, but one of my friends bought me a drink at a bar. I left after one drink, and instead opted to go home, read a book and eat a slice of cake by myself way past bedtime. I thought that was living on the wild side- eating carbs right before bed! I’m feeling old!


I wore the gold pearl necklace my mom had sent by Kaye Gems. She designed it herself. I also wore earrings and a ring from Kaye Gems. I love the uniqueness of all the jewelry. The ring has a leaf shape curve to it, and my earrings remind me of earrings from traditional old times. What do you think? I have to thank my friend/colleague Donald ( who is also in the pictures ) for the photos. He took pictures of the jewelry for me on my birthday. lol




I must be boring you with all the blue jewelry. The one I’m wearing in this post is blue topaz. It’s slightly different from the Sapphire jewelry – lighter in color and looks a little bit like crystal when in the light. However, it is a stone- a gem and not a crystal. This whole set is a tear dropped / oval shape. Hope you like it.

My next post is about a diamond and the mystery/ curse behind it. Stay tuned for that one! šŸ˜‰

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings from Madagascar and Sri Lanka

I’ve been pretty busy creating stories for work and although I haven’t updated in a while, I will make it up to you with the updates that I will be doing incessantly this week.

Lately we’ve had a lot of request for Sapphire jewelry, and I think it might be due to the news of the Royal Wedding and the popularity of Princess Kate’s wedding ring. Sapphire and diamonds do scream out ” royalty”, I must admit. šŸ™‚ I love Sapphire and Rubies. I’ve always said that- maybe even more so than diamonds. Don’t quote me on it; I don’t think my mother would approve. I just can’t help it that I like color and shine! Diamonds are gorgeous too. After all, they are the most expensive gems. Speaking of which, I do have a video story that I just made on arguably the most famous diamond in the world, but I’ll save that for a later post. šŸ˜‰

For now, I’ll leave you with pictures of the 2 sets of Sapphire and diamond earrings that we just created. One pair of earrings are Sapphires from Madagascar. The other pair is a set from Sri Lanka. Can you guess which is which? And the cts.? Which one do you prefer?

Pink Topaz Ring

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Also from our 2011 collection is a new Pink Topaz ring. This is for the woman that likes big, bold, ” bling” things. It really is a beauty, and it shines when the light touches it. I took a picture of everything on my blog with a small Kodak camera that I acquired from STAPLES more than 2 years ago ( for my 22nd birthday). I’m still amazed that the pictures look good when the only light I use is natural sunlight. All I can say is that the jewelry speaks for itself when you see the shine of the stone in the photos. I’m not thinking about getting a new camera anytime soon. šŸ™‚


Sapphire and Diamonds

I was born in September so my birth stone is Sapphire, and since September 22nd 1986, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Sapphire jewelry. Rubies and Sapphires are my favorite (even more so than diamonds, can you believe it? hah) My mom and I recently designed Sapphire jewelry for a client, and I was more than ecstatic to have a voice and see my designs come to life. Our special client wanted a Sapphire necklace so here are some of the necklaces and rings that we designed. Hope you like them. This is the first of the 2011 collection to come.

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Make Up !

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I apologize for not being able to update the blog! I’ve been super busy! Here are some pictures of my colleagues and I getting our make up done for Halloween! My friend, Jamie is an accountant/ beautician/ professional ________Ā  ( insert any noun you can think of there)Ā  ! She says we will be trying out more make up on me because doing Asian make up is different than putting on make up on any other races, and she wants more practice with a variety of people .Ā  Once we plan our next make up date, I will show you the results and give you the card if you’re in the DC metro area. She’sĀ  wonderful!


I’ll be sure to post up more pictures of me on Halloween night on a later post! Guess who I was? šŸ˜‰


A guy once said to me, ” With makeup on, you look like you’re on the money, but without makeup, you look priceless.”Ā  I love that quote. šŸ™‚ I still love playing with make up regardless.


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Birthday STRIPES!

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It was my friend Juanito’s birthday the other day, and we celebrated his birthday at his house. It was such a small get together, and it really felt comfy and homey. He fed us Mexican food – some rice with beans and these cucumbers with lemon and cayenne pepper. They are to die for! I never really liked cucumbers, but the way he made it was amazing… you have to try it. I’ll take pictures when I’m finished making my cucumber dish. DC is feeling like home all of a sudden, and I can’t wait to see what DC has to bring for me next. šŸ™‚

( In one picture, Scott is biting my arm ( pit) lol . Perhaps he loves the way I smell that he thinks he can bite me too. Let’s just hope that’s what he’s thinking. )

I was wearing three jade bracelets and 2 jade rings I had received as a present from my uncle in Burma. šŸ™‚



Half in Traditional Burmese Clothing

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It was raining cats and dogs today, and I was soaking with rain from head to toe. My coworker gave me extra clothes she had brought from home- the traditional Burmese longyi which you wear as a long skirt and a t-shirt. I really like wearing a longyi; I was just scared that it might have fallen off ! You have to tuck the skirt, and it doesn’t have buttons or pins to keep it from falling off of a person.


This is my mom wearing a longyi in Burma. She knows how to wear it well. The other pictures are of me , wearing a longyi for the first time. What do you think? I might have to have my traditional Burmese attire custom made like my mom’s. šŸ˜‰


Mom in Burmese attire circa 1980's

Me in a Longyi - ( 1/2 of Burmese attire) circa 2010

My 24th Birthday and my 1 year Anniversary in Washington DC

I’ve officially turned 24, and I’m just so thankful for the great people that I’ve met, the great events that have occurred over the years and the family and friends I’ve been blessed with to have in my life. There is a big let down to being 24 though, it just makes you realize that life goes by so quickly, and to make the best of what life has to offer. I know that it sounds so cliche, but your 20’s can just pass you by in a blink of an eye. That’s how I feel has happened in my college years, and now I want to hold on to my 20’s for as long as I can. ( Imagine…why do I still shop at ” Forever 21″?)

I have such great friends, and this one year in DC has been difficult. The transition was hard, and I went home many a weekends. I’m just so glad I was able to go back home to NY to be able to do work as well as check up on my family. ( My parents need me- really…) SO this year, I celebrated in DC my 24th birthday as well my 1 year anniversary in a new city. šŸ™‚

Here’s to life.Ā  ā¤

( What I wore: I wore a orange/ pink dress with a sweetheart neck from Forever 21; diamond necklace, earrings and ring from Kaye Gems. I also wore a bracelet made out of different colored stones from Kaye Gems. The shoes are beige shoes from Bakers.)