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Colorful Stones

For my birthday, I went out with some of my closest friends from DC. We had a great time- and I spent the night dancing away. I wore 2 necklaces that my mom had sent me for my birthday – all made up of semiprecious stones- amethyst, citrine, peri-dot, blue topaz and pink topaz. It was on a 28 k yello gold chain. I wore a white short Cinderella- puffy dress, and I thought the dress complemented my jewelry well. I am really loving semi precious stones, and the necklaces are definitely 2 of my favorites from Kaye Gems.

Do you have any favorite jewelry? Do you find it difficult to match your jewelry to your outfits? Please share! I’d love to see and hear what you wear on special occasions.







Cherry Tube Dress for Cherry Blossom

Every year, there is a big cherry blossom festival in Washington DC. This  year in 2010, the festival lasted from March 27th to April 10th. My friends came to visit me during that time, and we went to watch the festival as well as tour around DC during the day, and later on went out on the nights. On one particular night during the Cherry Blossom Festival, I had worn a cherry tube top dress. I was wearing one of my favorite set of jewelry- ruby and diamond earrings, pendant and ring- all from Kaye Gems .

UPDATE! Smithsonian Ruby Ring from Burma

Posted in diamonds, Ring, Rubies by kayemlin on July 26, 2010

Hey Guys,

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating as frequently as I would have liked to. I’ve been beyond busy, but I promise that I’ll update my blog as much as I can. I was working and going to museums this week- and I found one juicy story! In one of the Smithsonian museums in DC, there is a Burmese 20.3 kt ruby- given by one of the CEOs of Subway to the Smithsonian.( I’m trying to get my hands on it ASAP to get a news story out of it!)

It is a ruby and diamond ring, and it is very sentimental in value. The CEO’s wife had passed away and so he had donated the ring to the Smithsonian – saying that it is something to admire and America should have this beauty of a gem.

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Ruby Ring- Blair Waldorf Style

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Blair Waldorf always wears a ruby ring, and the one stone I love more than the all the others is a ruby. Because I come from the land of rubies, Burma also known as Myanmar, ruby stones will always have a special place in my heart- it comes from my home.

Photo: Gossip Girl

I’m not wearing a ruby ring, simply because Blair Waldorf wears one,  although it has become such a major plus… she is after all a fashion icon, I am wearing a ruby ring because I think they are just utter delight.

Photo: Kaye Gems

I know they say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but a ruby is just as good a friend and as appealing in my eyes. What’s your favorite stone?

Kaye Gems – My Favorite Earrings

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