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Colorful Stones

For my birthday, I went out with some of my closest friends from DC. We had a great time- and I spent the night dancing away. I wore 2 necklaces that my mom had sent me for my birthday – all made up of semiprecious stones- amethyst, citrine, peri-dot, blue topaz and pink topaz. It was on a 28 k yello gold chain. I wore a white short Cinderella- puffy dress, and I thought the dress complemented my jewelry well. I am really loving semi precious stones, and the necklaces are definitely 2 of my favorites from Kaye Gems.

Do you have any favorite jewelry? Do you find it difficult to match your jewelry to your outfits? Please share! I’d love to see and hear what you wear on special occasions.







Birthday Bling

I’ve finally turned the big 25, and so far there is no quarter life crisis. Life’s been good, and there have been many changes. I moved to a new house and have been ecstatic with my stay there. My walk home from work and to work are a little longer, but I like the exercise. ( I’ll post pics of my new house soon!)

On my birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake, and I had gotten so many well wishes from everyone- family and friends. Nice to feel loved. My phone ran out of batteries because of the many alerts, but it survived after a little charging. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday, but one of my friends bought me a drink at a bar. I left after one drink, and instead opted to go home, read a book and eat a slice of cake by myself way past bedtime. I thought that was living on the wild side- eating carbs right before bed! I’m feeling old!


I wore the gold pearl necklace my mom had sent by Kaye Gems. She designed it herself. I also wore earrings and a ring from Kaye Gems. I love the uniqueness of all the jewelry. The ring has a leaf shape curve to it, and my earrings remind me of earrings from traditional old times. What do you think? I have to thank my friend/colleague Donald ( who is also in the pictures ) for the photos. He took pictures of the jewelry for me on my birthday. lol



Sight Seeing in DC

Posted in Events, Hair, Places, style by kayemlin on March 22, 2011

My boyfriend and I showed my friend from college around DC. We walked all around DC for a total consumption of 5 hours. We went to see the Freedom Monument, the Capitol ( which is right by my house), the Lincoln, the Jefferson ( across the river- in Virginia) and the F.D.R. memorial. I’ve lived in DC for over one year and never have I visited the Jefferson or the FDR memorial. It was beautiful though. I didn’t take pictures of the FDR memorial, but I’m sure I’ll be back there again soon. I was just tired by the time we got to the FDR and I stopped taking photos by then.


Here are some of the photos.


Short Dress and Tights

Posted in diamonds, Earrings, Events, fashion, jewelry, kaye gems, little black dress, Pendant, Places by kayemlin on January 14, 2011

My friend from college came to visit me last year in 2010 and somehow it never made it up on the blog. I wore a short gray BCBG dress and paired it off with black tights and gray shoes. I wore jewelry from Kaye Gems to give the outfit something a little extra. The jewelry consisted of ruby and diamond earrings and a ring to match.



NYC Hot Spot- 230 5th

Posted in Events, fashion, Places by kayemlin on July 16, 2010

Since I’m going to be in NYC for the weekend, I thought I’d give you a quick post on my favorite place in NY. My ultimate hot spot in the city is 230 5th. There is no cover to get into the building, and the rooftop bar has this amazing scenery that you can’t acquire anywhere else When you’re on the rooftop, you think you can touch the Empire State Building. It’s literally that close. The lounge downstairs is just as laid back.There are beautiful curtains, a good DJ, a little dance floor and couches. It’s a good place to just hang out with friends. It’s a good place for business too. All the young professionals are there. You’ll fit right in.  😉