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Colorful Stones

For my birthday, I went out with some of my closest friends from DC. We had a great time- and I spent the night dancing away. I wore 2 necklaces that my mom had sent me for my birthday – all made up of semiprecious stones- amethyst, citrine, peri-dot, blue topaz and pink topaz. It was on a 28 k yello gold chain. I wore a white short Cinderella- puffy dress, and I thought the dress complemented my jewelry well. I am really loving semi precious stones, and the necklaces are definitely 2 of my favorites from Kaye Gems.

Do you have any favorite jewelry? Do you find it difficult to match your jewelry to your outfits? Please share! I’d love to see and hear what you wear on special occasions.







Birthday Bling

I’ve finally turned the big 25, and so far there is no quarter life crisis. Life’s been good, and there have been many changes. I moved to a new house and have been ecstatic with my stay there. My walk home from work and to work are a little longer, but I like the exercise. ( I’ll post pics of my new house soon!)

On my birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake, and I had gotten so many well wishes from everyone- family and friends. Nice to feel loved. My phone ran out of batteries because of the many alerts, but it survived after a little charging. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday, but one of my friends bought me a drink at a bar. I left after one drink, and instead opted to go home, read a book and eat a slice of cake by myself way past bedtime. I thought that was living on the wild side- eating carbs right before bed! I’m feeling old!


I wore the gold pearl necklace my mom had sent by Kaye Gems. She designed it herself. I also wore earrings and a ring from Kaye Gems. I love the uniqueness of all the jewelry. The ring has a leaf shape curve to it, and my earrings remind me of earrings from traditional old times. What do you think? I have to thank my friend/colleague Donald ( who is also in the pictures ) for the photos. He took pictures of the jewelry for me on my birthday. lol



Promo video

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Hi All,

Today was a mildly hectic day. I’m going away for the weekend for a story, and I’ve been preparing for that shoot, however, I also had to do a promotion shoot for our Magazine show today! I wrote my script yesterday; however, I wasn’t dressed to be on TV. So… in a few moment’s notice,I had to get dressed, do my hair and put on the make up- meaning mostly the lipstick and a little lip gloss. It always seems to do the trick for me on TV. Hope I can share the promotion video soon. This promotional presentation was to showcase our show and what we’re doing to the rest of the East Asian Pacific division at my agency. It’s not to be aired yet.

I’m wearing a necklace from Kaye Gems – a pink topaz pendant ( which I will present on the blog soon), a blazer of my mom’s years ago and a laced top. I’m also wearing a penciled pink/beige skirt that you can’t see on camera. 🙂 Here are the pics. Sorry if you’re not able to see the pendant well. I will be writing another post just on this pendant and matching earrings alone.


I always think I look funny on video. lol




I must be boring you with all the blue jewelry. The one I’m wearing in this post is blue topaz. It’s slightly different from the Sapphire jewelry – lighter in color and looks a little bit like crystal when in the light. However, it is a stone- a gem and not a crystal. This whole set is a tear dropped / oval shape. Hope you like it.

My next post is about a diamond and the mystery/ curse behind it. Stay tuned for that one! 😉

Short Dress and Tights

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My friend from college came to visit me last year in 2010 and somehow it never made it up on the blog. I wore a short gray BCBG dress and paired it off with black tights and gray shoes. I wore jewelry from Kaye Gems to give the outfit something a little extra. The jewelry consisted of ruby and diamond earrings and a ring to match.



My 24th Birthday and my 1 year Anniversary in Washington DC

I’ve officially turned 24, and I’m just so thankful for the great people that I’ve met, the great events that have occurred over the years and the family and friends I’ve been blessed with to have in my life. There is a big let down to being 24 though, it just makes you realize that life goes by so quickly, and to make the best of what life has to offer. I know that it sounds so cliche, but your 20’s can just pass you by in a blink of an eye. That’s how I feel has happened in my college years, and now I want to hold on to my 20’s for as long as I can. ( Imagine…why do I still shop at ” Forever 21″?)

I have such great friends, and this one year in DC has been difficult. The transition was hard, and I went home many a weekends. I’m just so glad I was able to go back home to NY to be able to do work as well as check up on my family. ( My parents need me- really…) SO this year, I celebrated in DC my 24th birthday as well my 1 year anniversary in a new city. 🙂

Here’s to life.  ❤

( What I wore: I wore a orange/ pink dress with a sweetheart neck from Forever 21; diamond necklace, earrings and ring from Kaye Gems. I also wore a bracelet made out of different colored stones from Kaye Gems. The shoes are beige shoes from Bakers.)

Leopard is in ! Blue Topaz Jewelry too !

I went out this past weekend with my friends from NY. They threw me a surprise bday party! Trust me… I was really surprised. I had such a great time, and I realized that friends are so valuable. Even among my hectic schedule with work and trying to see my family as often as I can, it’s great to know that I have an amazing bunch of girl friends.

I wore my black dress with puffy sleeves from H & M, Liz Claiborne shoes and a leopard bag from Aldo. As for the jewelry, they are from Kaye Gems. My mother had designed it. It is a matching set- of blue topaz. My friend Zonia was also matching me ( it was not predetermined). She wore her leopard top from H & M and black shorts.

Classy means Confidence in your Clothing and Style

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Note to Reader: I’m sorry I keep posting up old pictures, but I realized that I have so many old pictures from my computer, and it is so relevant to the fashion that I wanted to discuss in the blog.

When we think about high fashion, we picture great balls, high society- elegant dining and classy people. Well, I think ” high fashion” is just an image that every girl has to create for herself. Fashion doesn’t mean labels ; it only matters how comfortable you are in your dress, your jewelry and with your date. ( Company does matter when you go to events, which is why I always prefer to take a friend. You’re bound to have a good time.)

I look back at the Senior Ball I had gone to my Senior year in College and realized just how great of a time I had. ( 2 years ago) I wore a long golden gown from Bloomingdale’s and an Amethyst set of earrings, necklace and ring from KayeGems. I don’t remember the shoes. My friend, Evelyn had on a beautiful dress from French Connection.

We both wore very different styles to the ” Senior Ball”, and I think Evelyn and I both looked like ourselves and both showed off our style well. 😉

Name Bling

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I think it was Carrie Bradshaw who got everyone wearing their names on their necks. Yes, I followed this trend too. I followed this a little bit too much, that I wish I had left my name alone from the beginning.

You’ll see how  my name plate changed to 50 cent’s name plate. In case you don’t know who 50 cent is, he is the rapper who wears a lot of bling on his neck, and made that song ” In the Club…bottle full of bub”.

Carrie Bradshaw pulled off her jewelry well. Let’s compare.

The one of me wearing the name plate jewelry in my yellow dress was on my 22nd birthday. My mom then fixed it up, and put more bling on it. The one where I’m wearing my jewelry in my jean dress was last month. I’m 23 now. Do you think 23 year olds should still be wearing name plates? Do you prefer a plain name plate in solid gold print or a gold scripted name plates or a diamond studded gold plate?  I preferred my first name plate. Just KAYE.  You’ll see it.

My Senior Prom

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As I reminisced about my brother’s and his friends’ senior prom, which was over 7 years ago, I thought I should write a blog about my own Senior Prom and what I had worn.

I wore a pink strapless dress and wore a diamond necklace to match.
I went with a good friend, to whom I met through my childhood best friend. He was a great date, and as always, where ever I went, my friend from Middle School, Vanessa would come with me.  Here are the pictures.