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A Sunday Escape

Posted in H&M, style, summer wear, Uncategorized by kayemlin on August 17, 2011

DC has some amazing spots, and there are some amazing places in the DC,Virginia,Maryland area that you might find to your liking. I went to visit my grand aunty on Sunday and stopped by this place. Can you guess where I am? It’s in Virginia. Isn’t it beautiful? People were kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. I just wanted to sit down near a waterfall and try to meditate and smell the breeze. lol Really…

Grandaunty’s amazing. She seems happy.

What I’m wearing: a fadora hat from a cute boutique store in Ocean City, MD ; dress from H & M – I topped it off with a light blue belt, sandals and an ankle bracelet.

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My Zonia

Posted in Bags, Blair Waldorf, Earrings, Events, Forever 21, H&M, jewelry, kaye gems by kayemlin on August 5, 2011

I am surrounded by great friends, and one of my bestfriend’s name is Zonia. We’re kind of opposites in many ways. She gets pissed off easily and will let you know it. I don’t really get mad, but when I do, I ignore people. I don’t open up about my negative thinking much. Many times I push my feelings aside; I don’t know how to hold grudges for a long time. She holds grudges,and she teaches me to be more of a b**ch so that we girls can’t be taken advantage of. 😉 She’s also really blunt while I try to be more diplomatic. I think my culture is to blame. In Burmese, we have a saying called, ” Ah-na-dae” which means you don’t want to be of inconvenience to someone else. I’m sick of that ” ah-na-dae”. Now I say how I feel, lol because I’ve realized you get more of what you want by being honest, and it’s stressful to live in that Burmese culture. My mom is so strict, and it was really stressful living in that atmosphere. lol I love her,but my mom and I would get into many disagreements because of the culture shock.

Zonia helps me suppress that Ah-nah-dae. lol She’s a great friend. We don’t talk or see each other all the time, but when we do talk, we have these great conversations about love, relationships, work, friendships and people. She knows more about me sometimes than I know myself when it comes to relationships. She’s also kind of…fancy. She’s in the hospitality industry, so she likes things to be perfect and top notch. I could care less. I mean, ” Sure, which girl doesn’t want to be wined and dined?” lol but my friend takes it to the next level. When Zonia visited DC, we stayed at the W hotel – right across from the White House for a night. These pictures are almost 2 years old. She was the first person that came to visit me when I moved to the new city. Missing her and my other girls from New York. They’re all crazy. lol

I was wearing jewelry from Kaye Gems- all pearls- pearl earrings and a pearl ring.

My friend, Raymond Wu also joined us on our adventure in DC. Ray has a cooking blog: http://www.cookingagents.com . He makes great treats. Yumm… 😉

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Help Me Choose a Background for a TV report

Posted in Blair Waldorf, Events, Gossip Girl, H&M, Work Chic, Work Clothing by kayemlin on October 7, 2010

Yesterday, I was running around all day reporting a new story. As I’m putting the story together, I have difficulty choosing the right background. These are the backgrounds that I used for the report. Which one do you like better?

I was wearing a blouse from H & M with a bow tie to top it off. Everyone said I looked like a school girl, and I was going for the school girl- Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl look. 🙂 I’ll show you the news report once I’ve picked out a background. Stay tuned…


Jean Shorts

Posted in H&M, style, summer wear by kayemlin on October 2, 2010

The weather’s changing immensely. I realized it today when I had to grab a jacket and a scarf to go out to the market. I was just looking at some pictures I had taken this past summer. One of the biggest hunts I made this past summer was on jean shorts. Jean shorts are everywhere, and I had a great sale at H & M – getting these jean shorts. I can never wear short shorts – because I can never pull off really high shorts ( and I don’t want to), but this sale from H & M was just the right fit.

Beyonce can pull off short shorts wel, and I’ve been working out to get her toned body.