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Colorful Stones

For my birthday, I went out with some of my closest friends from DC. We had a great time- and I spent the night dancing away. I wore 2 necklaces that my mom had sent me for my birthday – all made up of semiprecious stones- amethyst, citrine, peri-dot, blue topaz and pink topaz. It was on a 28 k yello gold chain. I wore a white short Cinderella- puffy dress, and I thought the dress complemented my jewelry well. I am really loving semi precious stones, and the necklaces are definitely 2 of my favorites from Kaye Gems.

Do you have any favorite jewelry? Do you find it difficult to match your jewelry to your outfits? Please share! I’d love to see and hear what you wear on special occasions.







An Outing with Sapphire

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One of my best guy friends from college is in town, and although I’m not partying a lot, he is! My friend is also gay which means we have much more fun together! It’s been all laughs and giggles since he’s been in town. On my night out in DC- we went to a gay club/ bar called Cobalt at Dupont Circle. It was pretty fun although I was exhausted. I’m not too much into raving and free style music, and that was all Cobalt seemed to play. On that night, I wore a one shoulder dress with studs, and set of blue sapphire and diamond ring and earrings. The ring is very much like the Princess Diana/ Kate Middleton ring. Earrings were made to match it ( slightly). The setting is a bit different for the ring and the earrings. The ring and earrings are made with real diamonds and real sapphire by Kaye Gems. On my left hand, I am wearing a diamond bracelet. On my right, I am wearing a bracelet with different stones on it. That bracelet is actually my favorite out of everything I own.

Help Me Choose a Background for a TV report

Posted in Blair Waldorf, Events, Gossip Girl, H&M, Work Chic, Work Clothing by kayemlin on October 7, 2010

Yesterday, I was running around all day reporting a new story. As I’m putting the story together, I have difficulty choosing the right background. These are the backgrounds that I used for the report. Which one do you like better?

I was wearing a blouse from H & M with a bow tie to top it off. Everyone said I looked like a school girl, and I was going for the school girl- Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl look. 🙂 I’ll show you the news report once I’ve picked out a background. Stay tuned…


A Touch of Gray- Leggings and All

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I wore a casual gray outfit the other day; top to bottom- everything was gray. Boy, am I ready for Autumn! The gray outfit was topped off with my bow belt. I love bows, and this one I had gotten from H & M. It reminds me of Gossip Girl style. FYI: Blair Waldorf loves bows! I know I may have looked haggard- without any makeup and at work all day, but at least I had something to blog about – on what I wore. :/  Thanks again to the photographer, Donald !

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Wedding Attire- Gossip Girl Style

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I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and I don’t really have any thing to wear. I’ve been looking at Gossip Girl’s fashion and I’m trying to get some ideas thrown in my head. I love Blair’s fashion sense; she wears really appropriate attire yet it is so chic. Considering that I”ll be with family at this wedding, appropriateness is my number one priority. However, I still want to look fashionable. Here are some of the outfits that I picked out from GG. Two of the outfits that Blair is wearing are actually from wedding episodes. Can you guess which one?

I know that what ever outfit I wear, I would be content, because I will accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE! Can’t wait to show you the shoes, bag and jewelry I’ll be wearing. 😉  Tune in for that.


Kaye Gems ❤

Houndstooth Clothing

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Houndstooth is the textile pattern clothing that is frequently worn. I personally love that kind of pattern not only because I think it’s cool and unique, but I think it gives off a classy look as well. I think it’s been around for ages, and can never go away. Houndstooth is more of a winter seasonal wear, and I’m glad that there are houndstooth dresses, shorts, ear muffs, bags and etc.

Blair Waldorf, from Gossip Girl in a houndstooth top

Me in my houndstooth dress

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Blair Waldorf Style- NYC Chic- Tights!

Posted in Blair Waldorf, fashion, Gossip Girl, Hair, style by kayemlin on July 22, 2010

I dressed up as Blair Waldorf one day for a party and realized that the secret to her school girl outfits from season 1 and 2 were tights! Colorful tights! ( And ofcourse the headband!) Blair also wears the blazer as part of her highschool uniform, but she always mixes and matches her outfits.

This is my closest attempt to Blair’s style. Blair always looks reserved and appropriate, but her style has a sassy, feminine touch.  Her school uniforms are a bit edgy and always remain unique from the rest. This was my closest attempt at Blair’s style. Her fashion is not too difficult to mimic.

I bought the blazer, the white shirt underneath and the black shorts from H &M- all at a reasonable price. The tie is from a street market in DC for $5 and my red tights were from TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx honestly has the best tights – they don’t rip easily and are thicker than the others I’ve come across. The headband was from Forever 21 for $5.50.

Ruby Ring- Blair Waldorf Style

Posted in Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl, Ring, Rubies by kayemlin on July 14, 2010

Blair Waldorf always wears a ruby ring, and the one stone I love more than the all the others is a ruby. Because I come from the land of rubies, Burma also known as Myanmar, ruby stones will always have a special place in my heart- it comes from my home.

Photo: Gossip Girl

I’m not wearing a ruby ring, simply because Blair Waldorf wears one,  although it has become such a major plus… she is after all a fashion icon, I am wearing a ruby ring because I think they are just utter delight.

Photo: Kaye Gems

I know they say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but a ruby is just as good a friend and as appealing in my eyes. What’s your favorite stone?