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My Zonia

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I am surrounded by great friends, and one of my bestfriend’s name is Zonia. We’re kind of opposites in many ways. She gets pissed off easily and will let you know it. I don’t really get mad, but when I do, I ignore people. I don’t open up about my negative thinking much. Many times I push my feelings aside; I don’t know how to hold grudges for a long time. She holds grudges,and she teaches me to be more of a b**ch so that we girls can’t be taken advantage of. 😉 She’s also really blunt while I try to be more diplomatic. I think my culture is to blame. In Burmese, we have a saying called, ” Ah-na-dae” which means you don’t want to be of inconvenience to someone else. I’m sick of that ” ah-na-dae”. Now I say how I feel, lol because I’ve realized you get more of what you want by being honest, and it’s stressful to live in that Burmese culture. My mom is so strict, and it was really stressful living in that atmosphere. lol I love her,but my mom and I would get into many disagreements because of the culture shock.

Zonia helps me suppress that Ah-nah-dae. lol She’s a great friend. We don’t talk or see each other all the time, but when we do talk, we have these great conversations about love, relationships, work, friendships and people. She knows more about me sometimes than I know myself when it comes to relationships. She’s also kind of…fancy. She’s in the hospitality industry, so she likes things to be perfect and top notch. I could care less. I mean, ” Sure, which girl doesn’t want to be wined and dined?” lol but my friend takes it to the next level. When Zonia visited DC, we stayed at the W hotel – right across from the White House for a night. These pictures are almost 2 years old. She was the first person that came to visit me when I moved to the new city. Missing her and my other girls from New York. They’re all crazy. lol

I was wearing jewelry from Kaye Gems- all pearls- pearl earrings and a pearl ring.

My friend, Raymond Wu also joined us on our adventure in DC. Ray has a cooking blog: http://www.cookingagents.com . He makes great treats. Yumm… 😉

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An Outing with Sapphire

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One of my best guy friends from college is in town, and although I’m not partying a lot, he is! My friend is also gay which means we have much more fun together! It’s been all laughs and giggles since he’s been in town. On my night out in DC- we went to a gay club/ bar called Cobalt at Dupont Circle. It was pretty fun although I was exhausted. I’m not too much into raving and free style music, and that was all Cobalt seemed to play. On that night, I wore a one shoulder dress with studs, and set of blue sapphire and diamond ring and earrings. The ring is very much like the Princess Diana/ Kate Middleton ring. Earrings were made to match it ( slightly). The setting is a bit different for the ring and the earrings. The ring and earrings are made with real diamonds and real sapphire by Kaye Gems. On my left hand, I am wearing a diamond bracelet. On my right, I am wearing a bracelet with different stones on it. That bracelet is actually my favorite out of everything I own.

My 24th Birthday and my 1 year Anniversary in Washington DC

I’ve officially turned 24, and I’m just so thankful for the great people that I’ve met, the great events that have occurred over the years and the family and friends I’ve been blessed with to have in my life. There is a big let down to being 24 though, it just makes you realize that life goes by so quickly, and to make the best of what life has to offer. I know that it sounds so cliche, but your 20’s can just pass you by in a blink of an eye. That’s how I feel has happened in my college years, and now I want to hold on to my 20’s for as long as I can. ( Imagine…why do I still shop at ” Forever 21″?)

I have such great friends, and this one year in DC has been difficult. The transition was hard, and I went home many a weekends. I’m just so glad I was able to go back home to NY to be able to do work as well as check up on my family. ( My parents need me- really…) SO this year, I celebrated in DC my 24th birthday as well my 1 year anniversary in a new city. 🙂

Here’s to life.  ❤

( What I wore: I wore a orange/ pink dress with a sweetheart neck from Forever 21; diamond necklace, earrings and ring from Kaye Gems. I also wore a bracelet made out of different colored stones from Kaye Gems. The shoes are beige shoes from Bakers.)

Girlfriends- Another Beige Dress for an Outing

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I think girl friends are amazing. They keep you grounded, and they always cheer you up for a good time. I wore another beige dress for an evening outing when my friends from NY came to visit. The dress is pretty vintage. I got it from a cousin of mine years ago, and it’s material is a bit tougher and also includes spandex. It stretches. ( Thank the universe for that, or else I’d really be having a difficult time with that dress.) We all shop at the same stores really – Forever 21, American Apparell, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and so on… I’m shopping at a store that I know  can give me a good SALE!

Speaking of Sales…I hope you all have a good Labor Day Weekend, and use this weekend to your advantage because of the Labor Day Sale!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Kaye Gems

Studded Jean Dress

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It has been really hot this past weekend, and when the temperature is high, it just seems so much hotter in DC because of the humidity, so I’m dressing not for the fashion really, but for the humidity. ( This is why I can’t wait for Fall to come- so I can wear my colorful tights and panty hoses again!) Scott and I were invited to my friend’s barbecue in Maryland, and we had a great time. It was very laid back and peaceful in the suburbs. From last week’s rendezvous in NYC and me getting super sick, a laid back weekend was just what the doctor had ordered.

The weather was around 90 degrees this weekend, so I wore a studded jean dress from Forever 21, and Scott wore a white shirt from H & M and jeans to match me. My friend, Amy was wearing a cute romper that looked straight out of the 1950’s. It was very vintage and sweet. She got it from Urban Outfitters, and lately Urban seems to be looking so reminiscent of old Hollywood. I also put my hair in a braid on the side. Lately, braids are  all the adventure my hair is willing to put up with.

NYC Trip- Little Black Dress

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I went on a NYC trip with my friends- Evelyn and Siobhan to see my other friends in NY. We stayed in NY for my friend, Zonia’s birthday and had a blast. I wore a little black dress from Forever 21, that I had gotten for CHEAP. Trust me- it was a steal.

I was also wearing my Green contacts then. Sometimes, I wish I still kept ordering the colored contacts sometimes. It just makes me look different, but then again, all this sociological thinking and reading, reminds me that colored eyes on an Asian person is an insinuation of maybe one wanting to be ” White”- which is not the case!

What do you think of colored contacts?

Fur or Faux – I miss Autumn

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I miss Autumn and the thick clothing I would usually wear.  I miss wearing sweaters and faux. Although I don’t have too many faux sweaters and coats in my closet, I just love the old hollywood look that faux can give. I’m against the killing of animals, so I wear faux. What do you think about faux wearing?

In these pictures, I’m out for a special occassion with my friends- and I’m wearing a yellow dress from Forever 21 and a little brown faux sweater from Macy’s. I was out in the city with my girls from New York.

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Colorful Romper- Twist it with a Belt and Wedges

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I always want to dress a little more festive and show my vibrant character and happy mood through my clothes. And for all those humorous people out there, ” No, I don’t mean I show myself more by wearing see-through clothing!” I like to think that my happy mood is transparent because I wear bright and colorful clothing. During the summer, I wear a lot of bright outfits ( my tan seems to appear more too with bright clothing). During the Winter, I like to dress with lower key tones- blacks, whites or one color tones. I bought a new romper in New York for a great price, and I topped off the romper with a belt. I thought the belt gave it an extra touch. The shoes I’m wearing is from Forever 21. They’re very high wedges. Being 5’3″, the wedges do really pay off some times.

On this particular day, I went to Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington DC. I was meeting my friend Siobhan, who I haven’t seen in 2 years. She was my roommate in college, and we’ve known each other since orientation Freshman year ( 6 years ago). She just came back from Japan, and was visiting DC for a while. We got together with a bunch of our other friends ( mostly from BU) ; it was so great to see her! I always love catching up with old friends. Siobhan also has great style. She wore a short pink mini skirt, flats and a white top. She always looks so chic and cool. Her friend Elizabeth had on the same style as Siobhan, but decided to tuck her shirt in her skirt. They didn’t want to be twins that night.

” Trying to” Channel Marilyn Monroe

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On my 21st birthday in college, I had tried to channel Marilyn Monroe. My friend had done my hair – she curled my hair with an iron to give it a marilyn like look ( even with my long strands, I think I had some what succeeded).  I wore a similar dress to what Marilyn had worn in the ” Seven Year Itch”, and of course my dress was in my favorite color- red. I bought the dress from Forever 21 for under $25 dollars, and it still hangs in my closet today! I loved wearing it as I did feel very Marilyn Monroe like, however, I do feel that it does tend to show off too much cleavage, which does not suit me too well. :/

My other 3 friends/ roommates all wore dresses from American Apparell. That was one of my favorite nights in Boston. 🙂