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Posted in fashion, jewelry, kaye gems, Pendant by kayemlin on August 31, 2011

Hi All,

Today was a mildly hectic day. I’m going away for the weekend for a story, and I’ve been preparing for that shoot, however, I also had to do a promotion shoot for our Magazine show today! I wrote my script yesterday; however, I wasn’t dressed to be on TV. So… in a few moment’s notice,I had to get dressed, do my hair and put on the make up- meaning mostly the lipstick and a little lip gloss. It always seems to do the trick for me on TV. Hope I can share the promotion video soon. This promotional presentation was to showcase our show and what we’re doing to the rest of the East Asian Pacific division at my agency. It’s not to be aired yet.

I’m wearing a necklace from Kaye Gems – a pink topaz pendant ( which I will present on the blog soon), a blazer of my mom’s years ago and a laced top. I’m also wearing a penciled pink/beige skirt that you can’t see on camera. 🙂 Here are the pics. Sorry if you’re not able to see the pendant well. I will be writing another post just on this pendant and matching earrings alone.


I always think I look funny on video. lol




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