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My New Favorite Place- Nationals Stadium

Posted in Uncategorized by kayemlin on August 26, 2011

So after the Earthquake hit, I went to a scheduled baseball game with a friend. Rafi had an extra ticket for me and so we went to the Nationals game against Arizona. Isn’t it uncanny that my boss and his son went to watch the game the day before? lol We were talking about the games later on the week, but I never paid attention to the game, that I had nothing to talk to him about except for the architecture of the stadium, the food and the bar. lol

You might remember my friend, Rafi from a previous post. He’s a friend of my childhood Burmese friend. They went to Tufts university together while I was at Boston University, and his brother went to the same university as me as well. lol And, I know his brother! We worked at the same college radio station, and we are both broadcasters. SMALL WORLD!


The Nationals Stadium must be my new favorite place! It’s a great place to hang out. I paid no attention to the game. Instead, I got Rafi to sit at the lounge with me while we had margaritas and watched the game on the screen. There was nobody at the stadium! It was so desolate due to the earthquake, I believe. Hope you guys get to go to a game soon. The tickets weren’t so expensive either.


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